Dennis J. & Vickie Byrd Grabowski Nursing Scholarship

Applicant must attend the Trinidad Campus and be enrolled in the nursing program with plans to pursue a healthcare and patient care career. A minimum high school GPA of 1.8 to apply; 2.5 GPA to remain eligible. Must be U.S. citizen or U.S. citizen parents, have no history of drug or alcohol abuse. Two letters of recommendation are required, as well as a personal letter detailing educational and personal accomplishments and goals. Additional requirement – submit essay [more than 100 but less than 500 words] addressing the following: (1) why do you feel you should receive scholarship financial assistance? (2) Why are you considered a “good investment” for the resources you will be receiving? (3) How will receiving this assistance enhance your opportunities for success at TSJC and in your life pursuits? (4) What are your definitions [not Webster’s] of “responsibility and accountability”? (5) How are you going to “pay forward” the scholarship resources you will receive and the opportunities they provide? (6) What means are you going to employ to remind you [years down the road] of your commitment to begin paying forward this opportunity you are being given? (7) Do you plan to pursue additional education after TSJC? (8) What are your future employment and life goals? (9) If you were to meet the donor for a personal introduction and conversation over a cup of coffee, what personality traits would you highlight if the topic of conversation were “tell me about yourself”?

Varies - more than one scholarship available